Just for fun you can play with this new Henna ink pad from Hero Arts and a collectible wood mounted mandala stamp perfect for using in your art or on your body for some temporary tattoo fun. A multipurpose ink, safe for skin and good for a variety of crafting projects. For skin, the non-toxic dye ink dries within minutes and lasts 1-2 days. Wash with soap and water. For paper, will bleed and feather for a soft look. Fades. No heat-set required. We love that this ink is naturally non toxic and safe for skin. You will also receive a roll of Lucky cat washi tape. Together, henna body art and this special good luck charm are reminders of Asian culture. During the pandemic many Americans were the target of hate speech and violence as a scapegoat to blame for the pandemic. 100% of your purchase will be donated to Stop Asian Hate coalition founded in March of 2020 with the mission of tracking and responding to incidents of hateful behavior toward people with Asian ancestry or or recent immigrants who in reality make our country better.

Not pictured, kit includes a set of Hangbao (lucky envelopes for lunar New Year and luck)

Learn more at stopaapihate.org

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