Shipping Information

Address all shipping, kit, and purchase concerns directly to We appreciate it if you do not go through PayPal until you have made an effort to contact Erica first. All emails will be responded to within 48 hours during the work week (Monday-Friday). Thank you!

Subscription Kits

  • Shipping of monthly kits within the U.S. costs $9.00 for Main Kit Subscriptions and $7.00 for Travelers Notebook Kit Subscriptions.
  • There is no tax charged unless shipping to the State of Hawaii and then tax is 4.5%.
  • Kits shipping to Canada Shipping & Handling = $15.00 and $12.00 for TN kits
  • Kits shipping everywhere else Shipping & Handling $22.50 and $20.00 for TN kits

Subscription Kits ship by the 10th of each month, unless there is a manufacture product delay, then at we would email you the notice and ship as soon as product arrived. 

Domestic Shipping (within the U.S.A.)

Store Purchases

Domestic shipping rates for purchases from the Clique Kits Store are based on the size of the order until the limit for free shipping is reached. We can only ship up to a total weight of 2 pounds per kit box, or what fits in a USPS medium flat rate box for free with purchases or kit add ons. Above this threshold a surcharge may apply. We will notify you if this is the case and you will have the option to pay the surcharge by invoice or cancel the order or orders causing the overage.

Shipping rates are controlled by the United States Postal Service and are subject to change. Clique Kits will make every effort to continuously provide the lowest possible shipping rates! We deeply regret having to raise shipping prices as we also pay higher rates on wholesale products and are not raising our prices or profit margins. We simply have no choice but to ask our customers to consider this reality and reflect on their budget and priorities and hope with all of our hearts that we can continue to provide you with the excellent products and customer service that we have tried to provide since opening in April of 2014. Your patronage and loyalty mean the world to us and we are always here to answer any questions you may have and to guarantee your satisfaction with our club. 

International Shipping

Clique Kits ships worldwide! Kit subscribers should go through the International Subscribe button.  We will make every effort to use the lowest rate possible. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. We try to ship on time or early to our international customers but are not responsible for postal service delays when shipping abroad. Buyer is responsible for any customs charges or taxes levied by their country. 

Subscription Kits ship by the 10th of each month, unless there is a manufacture product delay, then at we would email you the notice and ship as soon as product arrived.

Clique Kits will ship international orders within 5-7 business days by USPS First Class Mail, International. The majority of orders (weighing under 2 pounds) will cost approximately $6-16 and take 2-4 weeks to arrive. 

Buyer is responsible for any customs charges or taxes levied by their country.

Tracking numbers are provided upon request. We do not routinely provide tracking information for kit shipments unless requested. Thank you for helping to keep our administrative costs low by waiting 5-7 days or up to 6 weeks if outside the U.S. before requesting a refund for a lost package.

Shipping Specials

Shipping Specials

Free Domestic Shipping for purchases over $60. International shipping discount of 1/2 price shipping for purchases over $60.

Subscriber Loyalty Program (Combined Shipping)

ALL subscriber purchases will have the option of FREE shipping with their next kit and reduced price shipping for international subscribers. Shipping fees will be reimbursed after the kits have shipped. (Total weight limit not to exceed 2 lbs for shipping within the U.S.A and pre-approved international subscribers. Overages will NOT be refunded) Clique Kits reserves the right to post exclusions to this program for certain heavy weight items. Please note: All Clique Kits limited edition kits are excluded from combined shipping program unless otherwise posted as of February 15, 2016. New international subscribers will be given estimates of the approximate costs of half price shipping for 2 pounds and shipping estimates for heavier weights before making a decision to subscribe. We understand that international subscribers have other considerations such as taxes and customs charges to pay on top of USPS fees.

Domestic and international customers should now make their purchases through the store checkout. Subscribers will continue to be given shipping codes to use when making store purchases which may be applied to orders to add on to their kits.  

Please email with ANY and ALL questions about shipping of kits or orders from the clique kits web store.