Boku-Undo makes beautiful traditional gansai style paints from Japan where they have been in business for over 200 years!. They have a professional level pigment load, re-wet easily, and dry more velvety matte than other gansai paints you may have seen in the past. (They do not perform the same way as Kuretake Gansai, a modern vegan binder alternative to traditional animal-glue, which has a shiny residue when applied thickly.) These colors have a low flow/disperse rate, which can be urged to flow in very wet washes.

These gorgeous metallic watercolors show up beautifully on both dark and light papers! Colors are shimmery while still maintaining an impressive pop of pigment. Suitable for calligraphy, brush lettering, illustration, and more. These watercolors can be as opaque as gouache when used with little water. To achieve a more transparent effect, dilute the paints with water and blend until the desired consistency and opacity is reached. Includes 6 removable 1” pans.

Includes one each of the following colors:

Bronze, Copper, Fern Green, Purple, Sky Blue, and Smoked Silver.


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