Clique International Mission Statement

OUR MISSION is to inspire and nurture a passion for memory keeping, one layout, one kit, and one friendship at a time. We work every day to honor the accomplishments of those who design the products we love and to provide the human elements of belonging, connection, and acceptance to our peers. Here are the principles we strive to live every day!

OUR KITS We design our kits with the highest quality premium products.   Everything we do as a company stems from the desire that we have to meet our own expectations of excellence. The kits we sell to the Clique are the same kits we use for our own scrapbooking, papercrafting, and mixed media/art journaling projects  and we would not have it any other way.

OUR CLIQUE Clique International would not exist without the Clique. The Clique consists of our fans, and followers and is a dynamic online and live community. There is nothing phony here…we are a genuine circle of friends. We do not believe in obligating our members contractually, but in earning their loyalty each and every day!  At Clique International, paper crafters are the IN crowd and our customer service will reflect the golden rule of treating others as we would want to be treated.

CLIQUE International ONLINE Our website, blog, and social media accounts are our face to the world and we strive to maintain them in a manner that suits our aesthetic, brand, and company. Our website and its affiliated social media accounts are places to inspire and be inspired, to support and encourage each other, and where our friends freely choose to linger and leave feeling energized in their creative journey. We value diversity and tolerance. There are only three rules. The first rule is to be kind. The second rule is to be kind. The third rule is to be kind.

OUR VENDORS Designers, manufacturers, and distributors of paper crafting products rely on each other to maintain a vital economy where everyone prospers. In this regard, Clique International strives to be easy to work with and to have mutually rewarding win:win transactions with our vendors. We respect the intellectual property of others, and support small businesses, women entrepreneurs, artists, makers, and creatives everywhere in the world who practice eco-friendly and cruelty-free fair trade. We are selective in dealing preferentially with businesses that share and respect our values.

About Clique International

Clique Kits started as a monthly subscription scrapbooking kit club founded in April of 2014. Gia Lau was the first founder and creative director of the original Clique Kits and the last to remain after the other founders moved on from the original team in 2019. As the paper crafting industry evolved many changes in the landscape of the industry led to a reinvention of the club. Hence Clique International, a creative collective of paper crafters from around the world was born.  Currently, Clique International spans from Europe to Australia and across the U.S.A. and is still expanding from its home base on Maui in the Hawaiian Islands. We specialize in bringing products from international small businesses to the U.S. offering more variety for crafters. Our values are a very important part of our business model and we attract a like minded community of crafters who care about the environment, who appreciate all things handmade, and who are discerning about sourcing products manufactured and distributed without exploitation. We love to support other women owned businesses and artists.
Gia's vision for Clique International is to continue her love of curating kits and her knack for watching trends and discovering new artists. Kits are designed to fit into different categories for different goals. There is no subscription necessary and kits are sold a la carte so you can purchase only the kits you want when you want them. Kits are lovingly hand packed and shipped in batches approximately once a week.  Your purchases not only support our ability to offer new kit releases every quarter, but also allow us to bring you inspiring content every day on social media.
We welcome you to contact us with questions or feedback at any time!