Main Kit Subscription | 3 Month Term

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The current start month is March 2019

Our subscription club is perfect for those who love to try new products, are looking for an easier way to shop, or just love scrapbooking. Our paper crafting kits include some of todays hottest products on the market. 

Each month subscribers receive pattern papers, alphabet stickers, embellishments and Clique Kits exclusive products. (Note: each month we do our best to give you a variety of products. We try to switch up products for variety and do not always have the same product types in each kit.)

Kit a la carte price

$35.00 (Each Kit) + $9.00 Shipping (each kit)

Terms Available

  • Month to Month: Regular Price ($35.00 + $9.00 = $44.00 per month until you cancel)
  • 3 Month Term: 15% off ($29.75 + $9.00 USA Shipping=$38.75 (per month) x 3 months = $116.25)
  • 6 Month Term: 18% off ($28.70 + $9.00 USA Shipping=$37.70 (per month) x 6 months = $226.20)
  • 1 Year Term: 20% off ($28.00 + $9.00 USA Shipping=$37.00 (per month) x 12 months = $440.00 )


Once your term has expired (3 months, 6 month, or 1 year), your subscription will continue until you e-mail us to cancel. There is no penalties if you cancel after your term has ended. (Please see Cancellation Policy for more information.)


Clique Kits collects payments in the month prior to shipping kits. The date you sign up is the date your payment will be deducted from your account each month. The last day to sign up for a subscription is the last day of the month to receive the following months kits.


Kits ship between the 3rd - 10th of the month. 


Through your subscription manager you can cancel your subscription for the next billing round. Note that after your subscription term is completed your subscription will continue until you cancel.

If you need any assistance please email us at before your next payment date.

Early Cancellation

Early Cancellation Fee: 50% of the remainder of your subscription term.

  • ​Example: If you have 2 months left on a 6 month subscription your cancellation fee will be $29.95.