The newest kit in our Clique World Heritage Series

In the Mexican Culture, Dia de los Muertos is a fall holiday to remember loved ones who have died with traditional foods, crafts, music, and activities

The tradition dates back to the Aztecs and Catholicism brought to the region by Missionaries. According to the folklore, once a year on November 1st and 2nd the gates of Heaven open allowing the souls of deceased children and adults to return for 24 hours to spend the day with their families again. The sugar skull represents the soul of the departed loved one and was decorated in bright colors and placed on the Ofrenda (altar) in the home. The ofrenda typically featured shrines, paper flowers, sweets and toys to delight the visiting loved ones. While many cultures celebrate All Saints Day feasts only in Mexico are there so many colorful folk art icons that have come to signify this holiday such as the sugar skull, and the Catrina and Catrin (well dressed aristocratic Europeans with skull faces)

This kit includes a stamp set to design your own sugar skulls with all the decorations as well as the coordinating die. 

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