TCW light and fluffy modeling paste is my absolute favorite modeling paste to use with stencils! It holds its dimension and is easy to blend color into or layer color on top of for different effects. For best results, air dry completely before working on top of it. You can also speed things up using a heat tool and get different looks on your project.

You can use a silicone spatula to spread over medium sized spaces, an old plastic credit card to spread over wider surfaces, and spatulas of different shapes and sizes for more detailed work.

One difference between light & fluffy modeling paste is how light weight it is compared to regular modeling paste. Regular modeling paste dries with an opaque chalky finish, while light & fluffy has almost a flocked appearance and does not add bulk or weight to your project. It is also, in my experience, much less prone to cracking or peeling. It really gets into the tiniest of crevices in a stencil for a very detailed result. I LOVE this product and this is why I had to stock some for you to try with all of the new TCW stencils in the shop.



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