International Series Color Kit | Viviva Colors | Handmade Fine Art Watercolors

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Learn about Aditya from Mumbai, India and his amazing eco-friendly, handmade watercolor sheets for lightweight and non-messy painting on the go!

Earn your passport stamp from India! 

These very richly pigmented colors in a beautiful and versatile palette will fit inside a planner, travelers notebook, or purse. As they say, the best art supplies are the ones in your hand or your pocket. These are no exception- they are so simple to keep with you everywhere!

The quality of the paints is shocking. The colors are vibrant and they are highly transparent. Once they are down they are easy to layer but do reactivate easily with water! 

You can also follow @Vivivacolors on Instagram for watercolor inspiration!

If you have heard of or used peerless watercolor sheets before, these are similar but with all non toxic lead and mercury free natural dye pigments.