This explore and learn kit contains a selection of fine art products curated for the scrapbooker, card maker, or mixed media artist to incorporate the zen art of Sumi-e painting in their project. Sumi-E painting originated in China and spread to Japan and like other mindful activities, the technique is intentionally minimalist, reducing a subject to its essence. It is not hard to learn some basic techniques from how to dilute ink washes to different shades, how to load your brush and get varied effects from the beginning to end of each stroke and by varying the pressure and angle off the brush. You can try painting different forms from nature and any subject really using a large round pointed tip bamboo paint brush made from natural somewhat stiff fibers that soften when soaked in water and hold a pretty large amount of ink. 

The kit includes 2 Yasutomo bamboo brush in different sizes, a small and a large

It also includes a bottle of Yasutomo ink in jet black with golden highlights. When the ink is mixed well, it performs beautifully adding a subtle highlight of gold to each stroke of your brush making your finished painting stand out for its elegance. This deep black ink is highly concentrated and is great for splattering on layouts as well. You will love having it in your craft room  and find many different uses fr it.

Torinoko paper is made in the Echizen district of Japan. Echizen is known for producing authentic, high-quality Japanese paper. Torinoko is a very sturdy pulp-based paper, lightly sized to allow for finer detail in ink painting, watercolor, Suminagashi (Japanese marbling), Chigiri-e (Japanese collage), and printmaking. Torinoko art paper holds up to watercolor washes with minimal wrinkling. This paper has a smooth and a rough side. Yasutomo recommends using the smooth side for painting but talking to may watercolor artists, the rough side is also interesting to experiment with. This paper has an impressive sturdiness with wet media while not having as much rough texture as regular cold press watercolor paper.

Sheet Count: 20 sheets

Sheet Size: 9 1/2" x 10 3/4"

Uses: Ink painting, watercolor, Suminagashi (Japanese marbling), Chigiri-e (Japanese collage), and printmaking

Sizing: Lightly sized

GSM: 80

This paper can be cut to fit any card front before or after it has been painted and you will be amazed at how beautiful a card background will look and all you have to do is pop some embellishment or sentiment over it

If you haven't tried wax seals yet,  these also work together wonderfully for putting a finishing touch on a card or tag with a wax seal.

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