If you are like me, you sometimes overlook some of the greatest innovations in art supplies because you hear what they are called and you tell yourself you know what the words mean, and they sound a lot like other things that already exist, so what is the big deal? Bring on all the new paper and embellishments, right? 


Sometimes it is scary how much fun you could be missing out on just by neglecting to learn what these new products are and what makes them special. This is something I have learned the hard way, and I am trying to prevent you from having to do the same. That's why the purpose of this explore and learn kit is to encourage you to dig in to playing with something new you haven't tried before that could open your eyes to a world of new techniques and inspire creativity in the weeks and months to come! 

I can also tell you that if I had a dollar for every time one of our followers or even designers told me that they "didn't do mixed media" because they "just didn't have any talent"  or they "didn't think they could enjoy getting messy"  or are just plain set in their ways...but then tried some new mixed media products and got hooked, I would truly be a millionaire.

This Clique explore kit includes 3 different jars of Tim Holtz-Ranger distress embossing glaze powders, which are heat embossed after being applied with embossing medium. We include an embossing medium dabber with this kit because some techniques work better with a dabber than with a stamp pad...such as applying the medium through a stencil! (We have tons of stencils and we do have embossing medium ink pads sold separately for those who need them)

The colors included are recent additions including salvaged patina, speckled egg, and saltwater taffy.

Embossing powders come in many different varieties, and there are many different manufacturers so it is easy to get confused about what you are using, and hard to be intentional about it. The distress embossing glazes make it easier...these will always set with  a translucent finish and will appear shiny or glossy. This means that if you have something underneath- such as ink, paint, or stamping, or even patterned paper, the background will show through the glaze. It will be as if looking at the background through colored glass. The effects can be subtle or stunning. 

Like other embossing powders, the distress glazes can be used as a resist technique since the porous material base will be covered with the non-porous glaze and will not absorb color when applied over it. 

Lastly, while the powder is still powder and has not been set, you can add other things to it, such as mica powder, metallic flakes, glitter, or any texture additive and see what happens when it is heated. There are many different looks that can be achieved. 

Lastly, if you have found objects, resin embellishments like cabochons or flowers, or metal charms, you can easily color them with distress glaze. Simply use a paint brush dipped in embossing medium to paint the object then sprinkle on the distress glaze powder in the color of you choice. Then heat emboss and it will set with a shiny new colored finish. This is a really exciting option for making embellishments your own, making jewelry for wearing or decorating your journals, and more.

Here are two links that will help you get started with this kit! Get ready to set aside some time for your self care and just have fun! 

Distress Embossing Glazes Demo by Tim Holtz

Distress Embossing Glazes Demo by Jennifer McGuire


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