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Why is it important to save the monarch butterflies?

Well besides the fact that scrapbookers LOVE butterflies- you can see them in our papers, on our cards and embellishments!

The monarch butterfly is running out of food because monarch caterpillars only eat milkweed ,which is needed for them to become a butterfly!

Milkweed is depleted by land development and the use of weed killing chemicals.

Milkweed is POISONOUS to humans but delicious grub to monarch caterpillars

(It may not be a good idea to plant milkweed in your yard if you have children and pets)

However, once monarchs are adult butterflies, they love a varied diet of all kinds of wildflowers

A wildflower butterfly garden is a perfect way you can help save the butterflies and enjoy attracting them to your garden.

As a thank you for donating, we will send you vintage monarch butterfly patches and a tin monarch butterfly pin back brooch which makes a great embellishment on a embroidery, quilt, or junk journal project. Iron on patches  include one large and one small and come in all different bright colors- yours will be chosen at random

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