What's your favorite boat drink? Whether it's a huge cruise ship, a charter, or your own boat...boat drinks are part of the fun of being out on the water with friends and family celebrating the rest and relaxation of boat life! Margaritas and Mojitos are some of my favorites...but sweet tea and lemonade  (spiked or not ) are also good! I don't have a boat myself, but we love to take a tourist charter once or twice a year to go to some of our favorite snorkel spots in Maui that can only be reached by way of the water.

This kit includes :

a DIY boat drink shaker kit

some mini sequins in tropical colors (chosen at random)

2 packages of tropical acrylic embellishments which are really full and will last you a long time!

citrus shaker die set 

embossing folder 

mini stamp set from Mintopia


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