This bright and quirky kit is named Hokulea which means "Star of Gladness"

It is named after a very special and blessed Hawaiian Voyager outrigger canoe used to share the traditional art of Polynesian navigation techniques using the sea and sky and no instruments to navigate on a voyage 

This kit will evoke images of the Sea and Sky!

Celestial, galactic, astrological and oceanic vibes throughout!

Papers from the Dutch Studio Light company, the Netherlands

Featuring artwork by Art by Marlene that is all about fantasy and imagination! There are robots, mermaid astronauts, and lots of stars and constellations

This kit is a jump start for your creativity and will bring out the adventurer in you- ready to explore deep space and the deep blue sea...frontiers of the unknown and so much to discover. Join us for this one of a kind base kit!

Don't forget to pick up mixed media add-ons to use with this kit!



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